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We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who are able to work closely with your school from the ground up. As a result, this will help highlight what it has to offer students, parents and the community.

The right message, the right results, the right price, every time - it’s what we do!


Who are Print For Schools?

We help schools and education institutions all around the UK and have over 25 years experience within the print and creative industry.

What can you offer us?

Our expanding range of products and services include: planners, prospectuses, large format display products, promotional items, creative design, photography and full print management.

Why do schools use you?

The clue is in our name, we do print for schools! Just for schools and no one else. That means we understand exactly what you want.

Can I see the quality of your products?

Yes! Simply contact us for a sample pack and tell us what you are interested in.

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schools need.

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