Promoting your school’s brand with writing instruments like pens, pencils, and highlighters is a straightforward yet powerful approach. Choose between ballpoint or rollerball pens, traditional pencils, and vibrant highlighters, deciding on metal or plastic builds according to your budget and preferences. These tools are practical, budget-friendly, and customisable, ideal for promoting your school or open days.

These writing instruments are universally handy items that recipients are likely to use regularly, ensuring consistent exposure for your school’s brand. Personalise them with your school’s name, logo, and contact details to reinforce brand recognition.

Distribute them during school events, orientations, community outreach programmes, or include them with promotional materials sent out by mail. Their compact design and usefulness make them convenient to distribute and transport.

By utilising pens as promotional tools, you can effectively raise awareness of your school’s open days and enhance overall brand visibility within your community.

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